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Dr. Gabriel A. Frank

Principal Investigator

The research in my lab is focused on understanding how molecular machines sense and respond to their environment. We are particularly interested in how molecular machines accelerate under load, sense binding partners, and count ligands.

In my free time, I like playing Go, sitting under my lemon tree, listening to podcasts about historical events, and cooking new things.


Dr. Sagit Cohen Schwartz

Lab Technician

My role in the laboratory is to train new workers, manage the lab’s HR & procurement, and lead the research projects before they reach the point our students can perform them. Every day of my job is a new quest, so it is never boring. In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing, drawing, and traveling in Israel and abroad, .


Dr. Ran Zalk

Core Facility Manager

My passion lies with anything that produces interesting imagery, be it a reflex camera, a tattoo artist, or a Cryo-EM!  


Fabian Hoelzgen

PhD Student

My research focuses on understanding how molecular machines respond to environmental triggers. I find it fascinating how these small triggers have such a big effect on the translocation of substrates across membranes.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling and exploring the culture of Israel.


Gili Abelha

PhD Student

I am  PhD  biology student interested mainly in structural biology and genetics. I am developing methods for using radiation damage as a tool for extracting additional information from Cryo-EM data.  I like playing tabletop RPGs and LARPs with close friends and tinkering around with Photoshop.


Keren Talmor

Data Collection Specialist

I am a Biotechnology Engineering student. Currently I am learing how to operate our Cryo-EM and how to prepare samples.
When I'm not at the lab, I like tasting and cooking interesting dishes and also trying to keep a zero-waste lifestyle.



Elina Klukin

Masters Student/Protein Purification

Since my first Biochemistry lecture, I was fascinated with the way non-living molecules govern complex reactions and pathways. The similarities between these processes give me a sense of unity among all domains of life.
My free time revolves around painting, cooking and taking care of my ever-growing collection of animals and plants.

Niv Kadosh_0p8.jpg

Niv Kadosh

Masters Student

I am working on different methods for overcoming the preferred orientation problem in Cryo-EM samples using AAA ATPases as a test case. Currently, I am optimizing protocols for applying graphene oxide as the “coverslip” of Cryo-EM samples. I like listening to jazz music, watching thrillers, and hanging out with friends in my spare time.

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Warm welcome to

Elina and Keren

who Joined our team!

Good luck and enjoy your science

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